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Personal SEO for Doctors


Googled yourself lately? Your prospective patients will. Do you want to improve the results they see?

Product Description

Try a search for your full name, and for a few common variations:


If you are like most doctors, there will be room for improvement. Common problems include:

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  • Negative reviews from patients
  • Prominent display of inaccurate information
  • Outdated or incomplete information
  • Confusion with people who have the same or similar name

Any of these problems can hurt your chances of a patient choosing you.

Would you like to take control of these search results?

While it is impossible to have 100% control over search results, there are steps you can take to improve what people see when searching for your name. By optimizing your listings on physician directory sites such as Healthgrades and Vitals, you gain significant control over the results on the first page of Google, Bing, and other search engines.

For most doctors, there are 10-15 important directories, out of the dozens that actually exist – WebForDoctors can help you identify the sites that are relevant for your online presence, as part of our Personal SEO for Doctors service.

All physicians’ names are automatically added to many directories, some of which may even include reviews from patients. Often, these automated listings are incomplete and/or inaccurate. Before you can fix this information, you need to go through a verification process for each site, to prove that you are who you say you are. Then, the listing can be optimized by adding full and accurate details about you and your practice and/or affiliations.

Why You Need Our Personal SEO for Doctors Service

  1. Reputation is critical to your career. Even a small change in your average rating or a single review can have a drastic effect on your practice. We’ll help you improve your rating
  2. Save time. By helping you determine exactly which directories are important for you and then managing your listings optimization process, we save most physicians 8+ hours vs. the time you would spend to figure all this out on your own.
  3. Stay informed. We provide educational materials that allow you to easily stay in control of your online reputation, beginning with the training included in your program set-up and continuing with a lifetime subscription to our Doctor Listings Resource Center (including a forum, knowledge base, video training materials, and periodic webinars to update you about key changes in the doctor listings landscape)

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How Does Personal SEO for Doctors Work?

  1. You register, and then fill out a simple (yet detailed) questionnaire to collect the information needed to optimize your listings.
  2. We create a listings information sheet based on the information you provide, and then you will have a kick-off call with your personal listings agent to review and finalize this information. You will also discuss the current search results for your name, and the specific improvements you would like to make.
  3. We begin the optimization process. In some cases, 1 or 2 more short calls are needed to either gather additional information, or to deal with the verification processes for directories.
  4. Within 2 weeks of your kick-off call, your listings agent will provide a preliminary report.
  5. The entire process takes about 2 months – when complete, you will receive a final summary report, and a final call with your listings agent to review the information and make sure you know how to access your listings should anything change.
  6. You receive lifetime access to our Doctor Listings Resource Center, to stay up-to-date with changes to any of the physician listings sites.