Online Marketing for Medical Practices

After you build a medical website, your online marketing process is just beginning.  The next phase of online marketing involves driving traffic to your website, and building a comprehensive online presence.   WebForDoctors provides the following online marketing services:

Our Online Marketing Process

We typically work with clients on a monthly cycle, focusing on the unique needs of each client while also leveraging our experience working with similar health care providers.  Our work is guided by the following project process:

  • We set up alerts to monitor popular review and social networking sites, and inform you when new reviews or other comments about your practice are made.   We then work with you to respond when appropriate.
  • At the beginning of each month, we perform an analysis of your Internet presence and your website traffic levels for the previous month. In this report, we help you plan new content, address new online reviews and identify other action items for the following month.
  • After delivering your report, we have a conference call with you to review the numbers and the related action items. During this call, we prioritize the action items and plan work for the coming month.

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