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Does your practice sell to corporate clients?  If you provide Occupational Medicine services such as workers comp care, flu clinics, health fairs, DOT exams, or executive physicals, WebForDoctors can help you reach more prospects and gain new corporate accounts.

In order to obtain corporate clients, Occ Med practices need to develop and implement a system for communicating and building relationships with prospective clients. In other words…..sales, a term that is not commonly associated with healthcare.

The successful Occupational Medicine practice has a Sales Plan that includes:

  • An employee with dedicated hours to selling and a process to hire/train this employee
  • Market research on potential customers and competition
  • A strong Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)
  • Prospecting Plan
  • A defined Sales Process
  • Follow Up Plan to grow current Customers

If a local HR Director or safety Manager is seeking your service or planning to change providers, how would they find you?

The successful Occupational Medicine practice has a Marketing Plan that includes:

  • Dedicated website
  • Search Engine Marketing plan to ensure that the practice is found when prospects are seeking Occ Med info
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Consistent message through all marketing materials and brochures

WebForDoctors can help you develop an impliment a sales and marketing plan for all of your corporate sales efforts.

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