Occupational Medicine Sales

Few urgent care centers take full advantage of occupational medicine opportunities, and in most cases the culprit is the lack of resources devoted to bringing in this business.  With our outsourced occupational medicine sales prospecting service, you can land this business.

Overview of our Multi-Channel Lead Generation Campaign Process

How it Works

The setup process takes approximately two weeks, and includes:

  • A meeting with you to develop parameters for the program
  • Research and development of prospect list
  • Account setup in Salesforce.com (the leading online CRM system)
  • Development of marketing materials:
    • Scripting for Telemarketing team
    • 8 emails highlighting your services and benefits
    • Presentation in Powerpoint highlighting your unique services and benefits

After setup is complete, phone calls begin.  Prospects are identified, and email addresses are collected.  Appointments for follow-up are made when possible, and in other cases a series of 8 weekly emails is sent.  Phone and email contact continues, as leads are nurtured.  Warm leads are passed to you, or can be further developed by WFD.

How we Connect Your Practice with Employers

Client Testimonial:

Our urgent care practice grew steadily over the first 3 years, mostly due to private patients. In order to grow faster, we wanted to build our occupational medicine base, and knew there was an opportunity if we could connect with local employers. WebForDoctors occupational medicine sales and marketing program helped us locate and contact local HR decision makers in a cost-effective manner. With all the legwork out of the way, I simply met with qualified prospects and offered our medical services. The outsourced sales and marketing program proved to be a valuable investment that resulted in the expansion of our occupational medicine practice.

Javed Islam, MD
PromptMD, Hoboken, NJ


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