Sales Training and Marketing/PR Services

Corporate trainingIf “selling” is not your forte, this new WebForDoctors program is for you. Learn to add new Occupational Medicine accounts with this innovative training program

We are happy to announce that we have brought a professional sales trainer on board to work directly with your inside sales team! Take part in an exciting, 10-session training program.  The weekly, one-hour online classes include the following components:

  1. Product Knowledge – Features, Functions, Benefits and Bottom Line Benefits
  2. Basic Sales – Why do We Buy? The Recipe, Ingredients and Result
  3. Communications – Customer Personalities and Appropriate Approaches
  4. Qualify – Know your Customer – Focus on THEIR Needs
  5. Objections – How to Handle Up Front – How to Handle Competition
  6. The Close – Closing Techniques
  7. Follow Up – Round up and Referrals
  8. Account Management – Customer Activity Reports and Tracking
  9. Goal Setting – Successful Scheduling – Cold Calls, Phone Appointments, Stop-ins, and Onsite Meetings
  10. Prospecting and Qualifying – How to Create and Manage Your A, B, and C lists

Plus, we offer:

  • One-on-one Mentoring – Step by Step, Case by Case – Advice and Guidance
  • Ongoing Services – Weekly Sales Meetings – On Call
  • Marketing/PR/Writing services for your Center
  • Marketing Consultation

Space is very limited. Call today to learn more and to schedule your first session or consultation.

Barbara Howard, Marketing/Sales/Communications Consultant
Barbara has held positions as Marketing/Sales Director for a Real Estate Developer and Vice President of Marketing/Sales for a Publisher and an International Travel Company. She has managed a national sales force and worked the top sales experts in many industries. Her sales career began in the energy conservation industry and over the years she has had sales training experience in radio advertising, real estate, spa, and urgent care/occupational medicine/worker’s comp services. She specializes in Customer Oriented Selling Techniques and advises, “The recipe to selling success includes being of service and going out of your way to understand the needs of your customer, presenting customized solutions, communicating in a way that is important to the customer and realizing that your contribution has the potential to create a positive impact in the lives of all concerned.”