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In an ideal world, the quality of the medical care and level of personal attention you provide would be enough to ensure that your patients contribute glowing reviews and testimonials. Of course, the reality is that most patients need to be gently and subtly encouraged to submit any online praise.

To take full advantage of the potential of this kind of marketing, you should:

  • make it easy to submit a testimonial directly to you (you’re lucky they want to chime in at all, so don’t waste a bunch of their time)
  • identify tech-savvy patients (people who are most comfortable with computers and the Internet are most likely to contribute)
  • find clients with gmail (Google Places has a very powerful reviews component)
  • closely monitor the online-review landscape (where are your best reviews currently concentrated and where do you need to build up your presence?)
  • respond to both positive and negative reviews

The best way to develop this side of your marketing program is to develop a close rapport with patients–learn who is happy and what they are happy about, figure out what you could be doing better and then show them how you’ll improve it. Once you feel comfortable you’ve done everything to please them–and they are, indeed, pleased–nudge them to share their thoughts so that other patients can benefit from your services. Follow these steps and you can get others to help you do your marketing for you.