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I came across a great summary of the concept of Quality Score this morning, that I’m sharing here to help answer some of the questions that often come up when working with clients.  The article, “High Quality Scores Mean Lower Pay-per-click Costs“, does a fantastic job of explaining exactly what “Quality Score” means, and how a high score leads to lower costs and higher positioning of ads.

As a quick review, quality score is determined by a range of factors, including:

  • Historical and expected clickthrough rate
  • Overall account history
  • The relevancy and overall quality of your landing page
  • The relationships between the searcher’s search term and your keyword, and the keyword and your ad copy

Ultimately, a higher quality score provides a lower cost-per-click, higher ad positions, and more relevant clicks.  For another great reference source on Quality Score, see Google’s support page on the topic.

Leveraging Quality Score for Your Medical Practice

To help explain how Quality Score can be used by a medical practice, here is an example of how an urgent care practice would achieve high quality scores for a search for occupational medicine services.   To begin, groups of similar keywords should be bundled together.   One group might be related to the phrase “workplace medicine”, another could be “occupational medicine”, and then others for “DOT Physicals”, “Employee Physicals”, etc.   Within each group, similar and longer phrases would be included, such as:

  • workplace medicine
  • workplace medicine provider
  • workplace medical provider
  • workplace medical provider san antonio
  • etc.

Then, you would create ads that use the phrase “workplace medicine” in the text.   And, you would link this page to your main occupational medicine page, in which the phrase “workplace medicine” appears in a few places.   In the end, you help bolster your quality score, leading to a better value on the clicks you obtain.   In addition, you are providing a better experience for your visitor, which in turn increases the likelihood that they will reach out to you.