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Marketing, and medical marketing in particular, has become increasingly complex over the past few decades. Back before the age of the Internet, a simple yellow pages ad and/or a few good relationships with referral partners could fill a practice. Today, we have a plethora of both online and traditional marketing tactics to choose from.

How do we decide which tactics to use? The good news is that with the complexity, we also have new tools that allow us to track your marketing results. Not every marketing technique will work in every situation, and many that do work will need to be tweaked to be truly effective. Ultimately, when we establish legitimate metrics and systems for analyzing the results of our marketing campaigns, we can help create a thriving medical practice. To do this, we need to start by deciding on a set of KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Urgent Care Practices

The following are metrics that should be considered when tracking results of urgent care marketing campaigns. Not all of these are relevant or possible in all situations, but by choosing a representative sample form the list below, you’ll be on your way to creating a system that allows you to maximize the  return on investment from your advertising and marketing dollars.

  • The bottom line numbers:
    • average number of patients seen per day
    • number of new vs. returning patients
    • P&L statement
  • Phone calls measured via:
    • mobile click-to-call
    • AdWords call tracking
    • Third party call tracking
  • Website visitors
    • Online checkins
    • Form fills
    • Newsletter signup
    • Lead magnet opt-in
    • Overall traffic
    • Percentage of traffic that is highly engaged (based on time spent on site and/or views of pages)
    • Directions lookups
  • Audience numbers
    • Email subscribers
    • Social Media followers/fans

Establishing the Value of a Conversion

The various indicators listed above will have differing values. Some, such as online checkins via your website, allow for a very detailed level of revenue tracking if you are using the right checkin technology. Others indicators, such as your website traffic numbers, are useful in evaluating the reach of your campaigns and the level of engagement with existing and prospective patients.

Curious about the best set of KPIs for your practice, or need help setting up a tracking system? Contact us for a free consultation.