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Cold calling or prospecting is an often overlooked part of an occupational medicine sales process.  We all want to focus on building relationships with qualified leads and current clients.
Unless your practice has a steady flow of incoming employer leads, gaining new accounts requires consistent prospecting or cold calling.
  • Prospecting is compiling a target list of companies, calling each one, determining the decision maker, and if the decision maker has a need to change providers.
  • Each step can take several calls and several months to complete.

We often find this time-consuming, yet critical step, gets overlooked.

If a corporate accounts manager is working with 200 current accounts, where is the time to find new business? The skill sets of a strong customer service based accounts manager and prospector are different, and it is rare to find people adept at both. Ideally, this should be two separate positions, but this is not realistic for many practices.
The solution is to first recognize that this is a sales process and each step is critical to the success of the next.
We recommend working with your staff to budget time and resources to research, prospecting, and selling.
In our next post, we will analyze the skill set for successful occupational medicine prospecting. This will to identify or hire the right staff member for the job.
WebForDoctors also offers a fully outsourced lead generation program that provides your staff with qualified leads and allows them maximum time building relationships with current clients.