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In earlier posts to this blog, I discussed the use of blogs and other tools for producing content on a regular basis.  Another important aspect of your medical website content strategy is to provide patient education content.  This is a great way to build up a  solid foundation for your website, seeding the search engines with useful information about the diseases and conditions that you treat.

Patient education content is a valuable addition to your website for two reasons.  First, it helps educate your existing patients.   By using your website to help keep your patients educated, you can avoid problems that arise when people use less authoritative sources of health information.

Perhaps more importantly, patient education content can help you attract new patients.  Often, when a patient is in need of your services, they search the web.  But, they may not be searching for you by your name or specialty.  Instead, people often search for information about a disease or condition that they are experiencing.  Well optimized patient education content will serve as both a landing page to attract them to your site, and a bridge page to introduce them to your services.

WebForDoctors currently can provide a comprehensive patient education library for urgent care practices, with libraries for other specialties under development.  In addition, we can provide custom patient education content to meet the needs of any specialty.