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Personal SEO is the process of optimizing search engine results for a person’s name, including common misspellings or variations. For physicians, variations with and without the “Dr.”, the “M.D.”, and other post-nominal letters should be included. By default, the results most people see when searching for their name are likely to include errors, omissions, or unclear information.

The good news is that you have it within you power to cultivate the search engine results. Below, we’ll look at some ways you can improve your personal SEO, but first let’s review why you should care about this issue.

Why Personal SEO Is Important for Doctors

There are a variety of reasons why people search for a physician’s name.

  1. Prospective patients may be researching possible new doctors
  2. Existing patients may want to know more about you
  3. Prospective employers
  4. Anyone from a non-profit or association you are (or would like to be) affiliated with
  5. Anyone considering you for a speaking or writing opportunity
  6. Friends, family, and anyone you meet in your personal life

Not all of these will apply to every doctor, but at least a few will. Whether you are a physician yourself, or if your organization employs them, the rest of this post will address ways that you can take control of the search engine results that people see, in order to highlight your best qualities.

How to Optimize Search Results for a Physician

Depending on the employment status and other factors for an individual physician, the exact mix of tactics used will vary. Options include:

  • optimizing employer websites for the name of the physician, by creating and optimizing content about the individual
  • creating or correcting listings on physician directories and general business directories
  • addressing existing online reviews, and encouraging new positive reviews
  • creating social media profiles and participating in discussions on social networks
  • creating content related to your areas of expertise

By using an appropriate mix of personal SEO tactics – all in a HIPAA compliant manner – you can take control of the first impression that people get when searching for your name online.

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