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Online Advertising (Pay-per-click, or PPC)

Why is Online Advertising Important?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to quickly and efficiently reach prospective patients in need of your medical services.  A PPC campaign can be targeted to your specific geographic area, and set to appear only when people are searching for you, your specialty, or related terms such as the diseases and conditions you treat.   You can create a short, custom ad, and direct people to the appropriate page on your website.   And one of the best parts is, you only pay when a user clicks your ad and opens your website. These results begin within hours of beginning a campaign and are fine-tuned over time to become a better and better value. PPC is a key component in jump-starting web traffic and increasing patient volume for many medical practices.

How We Can Help

WebForDoctors is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. Our team has managed over 1 million dollars in PPC budget over the past 8 years on Google alone. We also manage campaigns on the Microsoft Ad Center (these cover Bing, Yahoo, and many other sites).  Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn also have PPC options, and we can help you with these platforms also. And for those practices with a larger budget, we can help with video ads on sites like YouTube and Hulu.